Refreshment Center

Yes FOOD. No more stomach growling while playing.  The food and beverage refreshment center is OPEN and has your breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

For breakfast: Breakfast sandwich made of sausage, egg, and cheese with orange juice or coffee.  Just $3.00 (the deals just keep on coming).

Combo Sign

For lunch or dinner: Hot dog, chips, can drink or bottle water. $4.50. Can you believe it?


When you come in, ask what new specials we have because we are working on more of them for you; this is just the start.  And soon we will have more food and drink choices.


We want to give a big tip of our golf hat and a hardy “thank you” to everyone who plays and practices at Brentwood Golf Course.  And a special thanks to those of you who have supported 1st Tee.


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